An overview of the rally.


Gender & Sexuality Programs housed in the Office of Intercultural Development, seeks to eliminate harm, violence, and oppression through the intersectional promotion of gender equity and social justice by increasing the understanding and appreciation of how gender and sexuality influence and frame our daily lives and social interactions. To accomplish this, we work with campus constituencies to create safe and welcoming spaces for all students, faculty, and staff; advocate with and on their behalf for social justice and equality; and enhance critical inquiry into diversity and inclusion through programs and discussions


Gender equity and inclusivity is the root of all our services, programs and efforts. Gender & Sexuality programs designs culturally competent, pertinent curricula grounded in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s public health and social-ecological models. This model considers the complex interplay between individual, relationship, community, and societal factors. It allows us to understand the range of factors that put people at risk for violence or protect them from experiencing or perpetrating violence. The overlapping rings in the model illustrate how factors at one level influence factors at another level.