Take Back The Night represents the earliest worldwide stand against sexual violence, especially violence against women. TBTN Events began in the 1960’s in Belgium and England with protests about women not being safe walking down the street alone. In 1973 in the United States, women at the University of Southern Florida dressed in black sheets holding broomsticks and marched through campus demanding a women’s center. In 1975, a crowd in Philadelphia held a Take Back The Night Event to protest the murder of a microbiologist walking near her home after work. In the 70’s San Francisco had a number of rallies in protest “snuff” pornography and violence against women. These early events have grown into hundreds of events on college campuses and in communities of all sizes and locations. The unifying theme is the protest of sexual violence and support for victims.

More information can be found on the organization’s website.


Here at Lafayette, Take Back the NIght (TBTN) is organized by the student organization, Pards Against Sexual Assualt (PASA). The event includes a keynote speaker, a survivor speak-out and open mic, and a candelight vigil. Below are some photos from past TBTN events.