We create programs that help all members of the Lafayette community recognize how gender and sexuality influence our daily lives.

education and outreach websiteOur staff can facilitate programs, workshops, and discussions for organizations and classes. Email Karina Fuentes at fuentesk@lafayette.eduĀ for more information.


Each program is measured and developed within the framework of the public and social-ecological models.

Providing education for the individual:

Programs increase the self-efficacy of the individual student to be an active bystander interventionist, challenge their peers and community when they hear or witness misogynistic, oppressive, and/or bigoted language, attitudes and behavior.

Providing education for relationships:

Programs allow for developmentally appropriate peer-to-peer training, skills-building workshops, and campaigns that empower individuals to change the culture of their social networks by rejecting harmful frameworks and behaviors that support violence, inequity, and oppression.-2a2423a1e2b0cfa7

Providing education for the community:

The GSP office would like to highlight and articulate institutional policies that facilitate survivor-centered, academic, professional, and social environments. We’d like to mobilize communities to take action in creating norms, policies, and laws that promote gender equity, sexual and reproductive autonomy, and effective communication.

Providing education for societal impact:

Programming mobilizes student leaders to advocate for increased financial resources, occupational opportunities, and legislative protections aimed at reducing harm, violence and oppression for all people.